​The TearDrop Garden

     Part fairy tale, part folk lore, wholly engaging, The TearDrop Garden will speak to anyone who has ever truly loved an animal. Vincent Bruni’s charming story of StarDuster and its role in reuniting people with their beloved animals who have died is at once personal and universal. Its themes of love, loyalty, and loss transcend the provincial plot and have the ability to make a believer out of anyone who opens themselves to the deeper meaning of this simple story of a good man with a great heart.
     The TearDrop Garden is an instant classic that generations of parents will share with their children and grandchildren. It will comfort those who have experienced the death of a loved one and intrigue those who do not fully appreciate the strength of the bond between human beings and those they love. Maine native Vincent Bruni has turned his grief at the loss of his own canine companion into a comforting and kind tale that acknowledges our animals often die before we do, leaving us bereft and longing to be with them once again. The TearDrop Garden offers solace to our sadness and inspires hope that we will – someday – again be together with our animals. It will make you want to meet StarDuster and be touched by his fantastic feathers. The TearDrop Garden already has a spot in your bookcase, and it belongs there.
Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals
Marilyn L. Goodreau, President & Meris J. Bickford, Esq., Vice President and CEO



    The Teardrop Garden is a story that offers hope to every man, woman, and child who share their life with a cherished animal. A hope that they will never be without the company of the creatures who shared their unconditional love. For those who have lost an animal friend, an everlasting promise will come true.

     Do angels ever need man’s help and assistance? One might not think so. After all, the angels are the celestial - beings who are able to travel at the speed of light and perform miracles. They are the guardians who often protect the human race. They are the beings who once defended the heavens against the onslaught of the fallen. How could they possibly need our help?

     Well, they sometimes do. In this story, with the assistance of an old man, a carousel, a little boy, and his dog, the angels are finally able to put a plan into motion--a plan by which man and his devoted animal friends will never again be separated, even by death.

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